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Child Custody And Support Process

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The Child Custody And Support Process When Pursuing Divorce

Decisions about child custody and visitation, now referred to as parenting time in New Jersey, during a divorce will have a lasting impact on your family moving forward. Therefore, at Feinberg & Feinberg, we focus on obtaining creative solutions that protect our clients’ parental rights as well as their children’s best interests.

Finding The Best Resolution Given Your Unique Family Circumstances

Lawyer Nancy S. Feinberg is dedicated to providing the best possible representation for her clients by helping them determine the most appropriate resolution process given their unique circumstances. For some, this could mean resolving issues of legal custody, parenting time and child support through negotiated settlement or mediation.
In situations where issues of parenting time or child support are highly contested, strong representation in litigation will be necessary to obtain results. With 40 years of experience, Nancy is an accomplished litigator and ready to aggressively defend her clients’ rights in court when necessary.

Putting Children First In Matters Of Child Custody

In matters of child custody, Nancy understands that each client’s main concern is to protect his or her children’s best interests, safety and well-being. To that end, she will explore different parenting time schedules, including overnights, holidays and vacations. She will also identify the optimal path for resolution that instills a feeling of love and confidence for the children as opposed to having them placed in an acrimonious, hostile arena.
Decisions made during divorce proceedings will affect the children for years to come. Nancy encourages clients to work toward mutually acceptable parenting plans through their attorneys. The results achieved when parents take control over their children’s lives are far superior to having a judge declare when parents will see their children. Furthermore, studies have proven that parents who can agree on parenting issues have less conflict and work better together in the future to create a sense of stability for the children.

Determining Child Support Obligations Given Your Family’s Situation

The New Jersey Family Court uses a set of specific guidelines which can be found in Appendix IX-A of the New Jersey Court Rules when determining child support. In general, these guidelines are utilized in the majority of cases and are based on the individual incomes of each parent.
There are numerous other factors that must be taken into account when calculating the guidelines such as parenting time and exceptional medical needs. Additional costs of child care, unreimbursed medical expenses, health insurance, life insurance and living expenses will need to be addressed as well. Similarly, educational costs for private school, college or other post high school education for the children will be considered.
Nancy S. Feinberg assists clients in understanding how these guidelines and other costs should be considered depending on your circumstances. She provides dedicated advocacy during the initial divorce process as well as in any post-judgment child support modifications that may be necessary due to a significant change in circumstances.

Contact A Skilled Child Custody and Parenting Time Attorney

We understand the importance of maintaining meaningful and close relationships with your children following divorce or separation. For experienced counsel focused on your family’s unique needs, contact us at 973-378-8886. Our office is located in the South Orange / Maplewood area, and we serve clients in the surrounding areas.

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