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Established in 1976, Feinberg & Feinberg is recognized as one of New Jersey’s leading law firms in divorce and family law. The firm was founded by the late Paul H. Feinberg and Nancy S. Feinberg. Throughout the years, their exemplary work ethic, commitment to achieving practical and effective results for their clients, and diverse skill set have earned us a sterling reputation for:

  • Respectful yet resolute representation — Well-known and respected within the courts as well as the community for professional prowess and client-centered focus. Whether Nancy is coming to the negotiating table or walking into the courtroom, my opponents understand that I am ready to aggressively protect my clients’ rights and interests.
  • Personalized attention — I understand the often highly personal nature of your legal matter. I will work collaboratively with you throughout the legal process, providing hands-on assistance and insightful guidance tailored to your unique concerns.
  • Practical, results-driven advocacy — I seek the best possible outcomes for my clients through the most effective means, whether through negotiation, mediation or litigation. After examining your case in detail, we employ experienced yet creative problem-solving to obtain results that meet your needs and align with your goals.

In addition to family law, my firm assists clients with commercial and residential real estate transactions as well as wills, and business matters.

Nancy S. Feinberg

Nancy is well-regarded throughout New Jersey as a top lawyer within her respective field. Nancy S. Feinberg is recognized as a distinguished family lawyer, as well as a court-approved mediator and Matrimonial Early Settlement Panelist in Essex County. She also serves on the Essex County Family Law Executive Committee.

Nancy S. Feinberg is dedicated to providing you with the best possible representation. The representation that you deserve. She will assist you in determining which type of dispute resolution will work best for you in order to achieve the optimum results to protect your rights, your assets, and your children.

Nancy believes that each client’s specific circumstances must be addressed with the compassion and experience that sets her apart from many other attorneys and law firms. Nancy is a skilled court approved mediator and will resolve your issues in a professional and practical manner. Each case has its unique issues, however many cases involve alimony, child support, custody and visitation (now called parenting time), health insurance and medical costs, equitable distribution and protection. Nancy is skilled at handling each of these issues and more.

Nancy has served as a Matrimonial Early Settlement Panelist (MESP) since the program’s inception in Essex County and also serves as a Divorce and Family Law Mediator. The Essex County Superior Court has recognized Nancy for her service in as a panelist in trying to resolve cases between the parties and their respective attorneys for over 20 years. She also serves as a court approved Divorce and Family Law Mediator.

The courts, family lawyers and clients have placed great emphasis on mediation as an efficient and effective way to minimize frustration and costs and to facilitate a resolution in which the client has an active role. Nancy’s experience as a Panelist and as a court approved mediator allows her to provide the best possible representation in the least adversarial manner appropriate in your individual circumstance.

Never one to shy away from conflict, Nancy has successfully litigated numerous contested matters which has earned her the respect of her peers and the community as well.

Unwavering Dedication, Even In The Highest Stakes

Nancy’s unwavering dedication to her clients is exemplified by her involvement in the Abequa case in 1994.

Many people remember Nancy when she was front page news for rescuing the Abequa children from Jordan. In that case, despite Nancy not being an international law custody expert, she managed along with her partner Paul, through sheer determination, perseverance and dedication to justice, to travel to Jordan and return with the children who had been abducted by their father after he had murdered their mother. Nancy enlisted help from Sen. Lautenberg and other high ranking U.S. Government officials and succeeded in negotiating the children’s release with King Hussein and the Jordanian Government. She worked persistently for not only the children’s safe return to their Aunt in the United States but was instrumental in the prosecution and eventual conviction of the father for the crimes he committed against his wife and the children.

In addition to being an outstanding family law attorney, Nancy provides effective representation and advice in other legal matters as well, including real estate transactions as well as wills, and business matters.

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The firm focuses on protecting our clients’ interests while seeking the best possible results for them. For more information about how we can help you, contact the office in South Orange, New Jersey, at (973) 378-8886 to schedule a consultation.

In Memoriam

Paul H. Feinberg passed away in 2014 and with him passed a history of excellence in the practice of criminal law. Paul started his criminal law practice in 1976. Throughout his years of practice, the rights of individuals were in dire need of protection.

Representation of criminal clients was his dream job. His passion was social change and justice. He believed it was his duty to right whatever wrongs he could. He took his job as a criminal defense attorney very seriously. He took each case to heart and worked relentlessly to prepare for each one.

Paul had superior reasoning skills to be able to present his client’s cases in a way that both a judge and jury could understand that produced so many winning results. His ability to defend the worst of the worst was well known to the legal community. His success can be attributed to his heartfelt belief that everyone deserved a chance and that was the only way the system could remain honest.

Paul’s happiest times were in the courtroom. He had the reputation of treating all of the people he dealt with respect, be they clients, prosecutors, judges, court staff, or members of the jury.

Paul was known as a straight shooter and an attorney that was known for never backing down. When he walked into the courtroom, he filled it.

Many of his clients benefitted from not only his work in the courtroom but his advice and compassion with his clients, their families and their lives.

Paul made a difference. He fought tirelessly against the death penalty and was instrumental in New Jersey doing away with the death penalty. One of his proudest achievements was that no one on his watch ever received the death penalty.

Paul is sorely missed.

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