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Post-Divorce Modification

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Modifying Agreements When Your Family's Needs Change

Both a divorce decree and a settlement agreement are binding legal documents that outline the specific rights and responsibilities of each party. However, over time, changes can and often do occur that may require a modification of the settlement agreement. Other times, one party may not follow the provisions of the settlement agreement or court order and an enforcement action is necessary.
At Feinberg & Feinberg, we provide dedicated representation for clients with post-divorce modification and enforcement. Attorney Nancy S. Feinberg carefully assesses each client’s unique situation and provides tailored advice on their options for modifying or enforcing existing divorce agreements or court orders. Our office represents clients with family law issues in South Orange / Maplewood and the surrounding areas.

Many post-divorce modifications and enforcement motions are subject to a court hearing. Nancy provides exceptional representation for clients seeking modification or enforcement as well as those defending their rights against proposed modifications or enforcement actions.

Modifying Existing Divorce Agreements Or Court Orders

While each case is unique, New Jersey law requires that a party wishing to modify an existing agreement or court order must prove that a significant change in circumstances has occurred. Nancy has 40 years of experience helping clients seek modifications due to:

  • Significant changes in a party’s financial situation such as job loss or long-term disability
  • Dramatic increase in either party’s financial situation
  • Emancipation and termination of child support
  • Determination of each party’s responsibility for college tuition and expenses
  • Relocation
  • Modification of a parenting plan due to age or changed circumstances of the children
  • Changed circumstances that may require a modification of parenting time or custody

Enforcing Divorce Agreements And Court Orders

When one party fails to abide by the terms of the agreement or court order, an enforcement motion may be necessary to compel the other party to follow the terms of the agreement or court order. Nancy provides dedicated representation to enforce compliance, whether it pertains to child support or other needs of the children, alimony or other issues. Such cases typically involve seeking enforcement due to:

  • Failure to pay child support or alimony
  • Refusal to execute documents to transfer assets
  • Noncompliance with parenting time schedules
  • Nonpayment of medical or other expenses for the children
  • Failure to provide health or life insurance coverage
  • Refusal to pay college or other education expenses

Where more amicable resolutions are inappropriate or ineffective to attain your goals, Nancy is fully prepared to aggressively protect your rights and interests in court. In all situations, she seeks the best possible solution given your individual circumstances.

Contact An Experienced Post-Judgment Modification And Enforcement Attorney

To discuss your specific needs in a confidential consultation with our lawyer, contact our firm at 973-378-8886. We are proud to say that we have had clients who continued to use our services over the years because of our commitment to providing superior representation and a personalized level of service.

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