Exploring Alternatives To Divorce Litigation

BooksLitigation refers to using the civil court process and a judge to rule on your case. Although it is sometimes the only option, litigation can quickly become a significant investment of time and financial expense. It also gives the parties little opportunity to influence final outcomes that will affect their lives for many years to come.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to divorce litigation. Attorney Nancy S. Feinberg of Feinberg & Feinberg assists clients throughout the South Orange/Maplewood area in all aspects of divorce mediation. Her experience includes representing clients involved in the mediation process as well as serving as a court-approved mediator for others, in which she represents neither party and instead facilitates the mediation process as a neutral.

Understanding Divorce Mediation And How It Works

In mediation, individuals and their counsel work with a neutral mediator outside of a court setting to resolve all the common issues in a divorce, including child custody and parenting time; child support and alimony; and the equitable distribution of marital assets, retirement accounts and other marital property.

The mediator does not make any decisions or judge who is right or wrong, but instead helps the parties explore the issues that they are facing as well as potential solutions.

Appointed By Courts, Sought Out By Other Lawyers

Because of her extensive experience — 40 years practicing family law — many lawyers seek out Nancy S. Feinberg to serve as a mediator in their divorce cases, knowing that the services she provides are unparalleled.

In addition to her role as a court-approved mediator, Nancy has served as a Matrimonial Early Settlement Panelist (MESP) for Essex County since the program began in 1991. She also serves on the Essex County Family Law Executive Committee. Her experience and her commitment to seeking amicable, practical resolutions where possible have earned her a reputation as one of New Jersey's top family lawyers.

Use Mediation To End Your Marriage With Less Cost

There are numerous benefits of using mediation to settle your divorce outside of court. For more information about our mediation services, contact our firm at 973-200-4090.