Updating Your Will After A Divorce

Creating Wills To Protect Your Family And Your Assets

PeopleWhile most people do not like to think about it, creating a will is one of the best gifts you can give your loved ones. We strongly recommend that all of our clients have a last will and testament. In many instances, a simple last will and testament is all that is necessary to ensure that your final wishes are clear.

Many people think they only need a last will and testament if their net worth is substantial. However, a very important reason to have a last will and testament is to provide for the care for your children and other loved ones. In a trying and stressful time, the goal is to avoid uncertainty and have a well-thought out plan which will be set forth in your will so that your wishes will be followed.

Does Your Family Or Financial Situation Require More Complex Planning?

At Feinberg & Feinberg, we can provide you with advice for various ways to protect your personal assets such as business entity formation to protect personal assets, trusts and additional asset protection ideas. We will consult with your accountant for tax planning and tax minimization strategies, if needed.

We try to assist you in making the proper arrangements based on your needs and concerns for not only your family and your assets, but your health care as well. Power of attorney documents, health care directives and living wills may also be considered.

We strive to provide our clients with end-of-life solutions that are realistic and manageable so that when the time of need arises when someone passes on, the focus can remain on your family's well-being and a sense of security instead of unraveling legal intricacies.

Nancy S. Feinberg has been providing our clients with wills for 40 years in South Orange/Maplewood and surrounding areas of New Jersey.

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